About Us

Mission Statement

The California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council (CALMITSAC) mission is to foster the development of a marine and intermodal transportation system in California that is safe, secure, efficient, competitive, environmentally sound, and capable of expanding to meet the needs of the global economy.


Recognizing a growing crisis in port-related goods movement in California, Assembly Member Alan Lowenthal (now Senator) introduced AB 2043 on February 17, 2004. Governor Schwarzenegger signed the bill into law on September 29, 2004 creating the Maritime Port Strategic Master Plan Task Force Act, within which the California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council (CALMITSAC) was to address the many challenges associated with the growth of California’s ports and intermodal system. Within the federal goods movement policymaking infrastructure, CALMITSAC served as a regional sub unit of the Marine Transportation System National Advisory Council (MTSNAC) chartered by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta under the Federal Advisory Council Act (P.L. 92-463).

Over the past eight years, CALMITSAC has become the unified voice for/of California’s intermodal competitiveness, supporting and complementing the education and outreach efforts of individual members. Representative examples have included the 2006/7 report to the California Legislature on goods movement, as well as providing leadership for developing and implementing the field hearing conducted by the National Surface Transportation Policy & Revenue Study Commission, In addition, CALMITSAC co-organized the preparation of a Federal Freight Policy consensus to the proposed 2012 Transportation Bill, in association with intermodal industry, environmental and metropolitan planning organization partnering groups.

CALMITSAC also provides a key organizational role in the California Maritime Leadership Symposiumm(CMLS). The CMLS is a two-day showcase of California’s goods movement sector leadership, issues and technology. This annual event serves as a comprehensive forum for port executives, commissioners and other stakeholders across the state to seek resolution to the growing challenges the Maritime Transportation System faces.